Reasons to avoid sugar

We all are aware about the fact that eating excessive sugar is not good for your health. But still, we take it more either directly or indirectly. Average daily consumption of natural sugar recommended for for men is nine tablespoons and six tablespoons for women, but we have doubled our consumption. Every one of us consumes sugar indirectly in the form of savoury foods, Juice and sweetened dairy like bread, protein bars, corn syrup and more.

Excessive intake of such food items leads to increased consumption of sugar which affects our health & following are some of the consequences

1. Tooth decay

Remember your childhood days when your mom keeps on scolding you for having chocolates and sweets. She cares about your teeth and your health. Excessive sugar intake gives you cavities which cause tooth decay.

2. Makes you fluffy

The more sugar you eat, more fat you will invite. When we eat sugar, it gets metabolized by the liver and turn into a fat, increasing your belly.

3. Skin wrinkles

Excessive sugar consumption will make you look older than your age. It created toxic molecule called Advanced Glycation End Products, also know as AGEs which directly affects your skin and causes wrinkles.

4. Heart Diseases

Excessive intake of sugar affects the wall of your arteries which causes their walls to grow faster and it may give stress to your heart. It can lead to heart attack, strokes and other heart diseases.

5. Diabetes

The most common problem caused by excessive intake of sugar is Diabetes as type 2 diabetes is linked to high level of sugar in the blood.

To avoid all these problems & have a healthy life we would recommend you to starting consuming a natural stevia sweetener. Zerovia is of the best natural sweetener & it is made from a combination of ingredients that are derived from Stevia plant.. With Zerovia, you don’t need to count your calories. Get inspired to change your lifestyle and reach your wellness potential.