Natural sugar

Stevia sweeten up anything, from coffee to smoothies and even delightful desserts Stir in the perfect sweetness created with the purest form of stevia Zerovia products are best natural sweetener ideally for those who think that small changes can lead to a whole new lifestyle of well being.

Zerovia Sachets

One packet is enough to sweeten 2 cups of coffee or tea. Zerovia sachets are available in a pack of 25 sachets and 50 sachets and have a shelf life of up to 2 years.

Zerovia Drops

Zerovia Drops is a liquid sweetener for your hot or cold beverages. Zerovia Drops are available in easy to store 15ml bottles with perfect spill proof caps. Zerovia Drops do not need refrigeration.

Zerovia Spoonable

Our original Zerovia Natural Sweetener comes in a convenient spoonable form to give you the ease of mixing just the right amount to your tea or coffee. Zerovia spoonable is the best way to bring home good health for your family.

Our range of products will bring a positive change in your lifestyle

Main ingredients

Zerovia is a sweetener and best natural sugar and the best natural sweetener for diabetics made from stevia, a plant traditionally used to sweeten foods and beverages naturally. It is processed using stevia leaf extract and other natural ingirdients Our products are processed with no addition of artificial flavors, enzymes, or solvents. So by choosing Zerovia, you will never have to worry about any harmful side effects

Stevia Leaf Extract

Concentrated from the best tasting part of the stevia leaf, the sweet extract, also known as Rebaudioside A, which goes into Zerovia’s products, assures you of highest purity and a consistent sweet taste.

Zerovia a natural sweeteners uses polyol crystals derived from natural sources of glucose like fruits and corn, by a special fermentation process. These zero calorie sugar derivatives are added to balance the extra sweet taste of stevia leaf extract as well as to add great texture to your baked desserts.